Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Boutique - Sat., 12/5

Adopt and stop shopping

Please share this message with your friends... So many folks are buying puppies at this time of the year from pet shops, off the Internet or backyard breeders... There are SO many puppies and adults in our shelters that deserve a good and furever home. 
Pet shops (regardless of what they tell you) buy puppymill puppies... Backyard breeders do not pay sales tax to the state, nor income tax on their sales, forcing you and I as taxpayers to carry their weight... The Internet?... ALWAYS 'buyer beware'... anyone can post beautiful photos and write great websites.. 
This little gem is coming up for adoption first part of January - her mom is a German Pinscher and she has 7 other gorgeous siblings - ALL came through the shelter system.
Please, please - ADOPT and stop shopping - save a shelter dog or puppy - save a life!
If you believe as I do - that adoption is the ONLY way to keep our county No-Kill - and that buying your furbabies from the Internet, the pet shops and backyard breeders is the wrong thing to do - please share Segen's message far and wide!